In the era of globalisation, soccer is probably the most global industry in the world. With more than one billion fans in 5 continents, 208 countries affiliated to FIFA, 250 million individuals practicing soccer it is a $50 billion industry.


Clubs and athletes at all levels are demanding more and more the assistance of professionals contributing business backgrounds to the sport industry.

During the years, the partners of B11 have all been involved in soccer. Each one of us has a slightly different experience, some of us are former players, others are former sport directors, some have legal others financial backgrounds.

Some of us specialise on some markets and others in jouvanile talents.  All of us are active in the transfer market.

We got together gradually. Initially  Fabrizio and Claudio worked together as club directors, they both worked with Pierfilippo on legal issues and players transfers. The three of them then assisted other clubs in selling players with the assistance of Carlos, David, Fredrik, Erk, Thomas, Marco and the other that have then joined our team.


In 2013 we decide to form Business Eleven because we realised that together we can offer a much better services.

We now represent and advise young talents and top professionals without limitation to any country or federations. To them we provide a full career planning from adolescence to career end and beyond.  To Clubs and Managers we make available an extensive scouting network and a global presence to promote and sell their players.

Business Eleven now has growing  multilingual team of professionals in different nations.