Services we offer to third parties other than clubs and players

Our extensive international presence and relations are made available to anybody seeking to enter the sports arena.

Most of the parties approaching clubs are not just to pursuing economic returns but also interested in the exposure and the social impact that the game has on all five continents.

Clothing, Automobile, Media, Betting Companies, Equipment Manufacturers are just a few of the industries that have a consolidated presence in the sports at different levels.

We introduce corporations to those clubs that offer the highest chance to achieve their corporate objectives.
We are also actively consulting software development companies and high technology platforms to develop new tools that will be available to the various people having a role in the soccer industry inside and outside the pitch.
When requested B11 also provides advice to both sellers and buyers with respect to speculative investments ranging from sales of clubs, of economic and image rights.
Among others our services include:

– Sponsorships
– Strategic planning
– Industrial partnerships
– M&A advisory
– Legal Assistance
– Customized insurance polices analysis
– Financial Advisory
– Investments

If requested we guide and assist all steps of negotiation.